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TXTris SMS and Twitter Walls

Display live Twitter and cell messages at your event

TXTris is a system we've developed that enables live display of virtual conversation at events. More and more discussion about events are happening in realtime online - TXTris brings that conversation into foreground in a fun and interesting way.

TXTris can be setup to collect and display Twitter messages around a particular topic using hastags (a popular way to note the content of a Twitter messages). In additions a dedicated number can be setup that accepts incoming SMS messages from people's cellphones.

The display of the system is typically projected onto a large, highly visible surface within your event space. The design can be tailored to your needs and incorportate the themes and brand of your event.

Media Lab Toronto have provided the TXTris system for all types of events: conferences (TEDxWaterloo, IN 2009); parties (HoHoTO, Inside Out Film Festival Gala) and marketing events (RBC at Toronto Film Festival, Nissan Hypercube launch). If you're interested in adding a novel, engaging and positive interactive element to your next event please get in touch txtris@medialabtoronto.ca