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Light Play Nissan TXTris 1834 Rider

In Depth

TXTris SMS/Twitter Wall series

TXTris is a system we've developed that enables live display of virtual conversation at events. More and more discussion about events are happening in realtime online - TXTris brings that conversation into foreground in a fun and interesting way. More...

TypeWriter - custom SMS/Twitter Wall for RBC

TypeWriter converts SMS/Twitter messages into an analog equivalent. Each message being displayed as if physically typed out on a typewriter. More...

TXTris SMS Wall for Nissan Canada Hypercube Launch

Created for the Nissan HyperCube launch parties in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in June 2009. Partygoers sent SMS messages which tumbled down the big screen simultaneously at all locations. More...

Light Play Sound Reactive Light Installation

A sound reactive light show in 250+ huge, suspended balloons for the Luminato Festival with KPMB Architects. More...

1834 Roller Rider Party Cycling Installation

A stationary bike controlling a video installation to celebrate Toronto’s 175th birthday at the annual Toronto the Good party. More...


A holiday themed projection mapping piece for the HoHoTO fundraising party. More...


Twitter Wall for TEDxWaterloo Conference

A custom system that automatically aggregated and displayed all the chatter around the conference from Twitter, the popular social network tool. Blog post.

Vapour Lamps Installation

A custom sculptural piece built from Chinese paper lanterns lit by a custom LED system that responded to the beats from the DJs set. Photos.