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Saturday, March 16th, 2013 by Patrick

Snippets – interesting interfaces & impressive images

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Here’s a clutch of links to creative tech stuff I’ve stumbled onto recently. If you like these, please do to subscribe to receive a semi-regular email of this stuff.

Eon Surf is the latest work by Dev Harlan, an artist who’s doing some amazing stuff with projection mapping in a gallery context. For bonus points he is using the incredible Touch Designer software which is created right here in Toronto.

Overscan is an interesting looking installation by Sosolimited that automatically remixes live TV. Using images and closed caption feeds as raw materials in ingenious ways.

Touch Circuits is the latest interactive exhibit by amazing local shop Aesthetec. They’re using the great Makey Makey to convert some very unusual objects into computer interfaces. You can check it out in person at the TIFF Kids Digiplayspace which runs until April 21st and includes work by many great interactive artists. 
[photo by ericrosenbaum]

MYO is a yet-to-be-released armband that detects the electrical signals given off by your muscles and acts as camera-free gestural input. The MYO team are based in Waterloo and we’re going to hear a lot more about them if this thing achieves its promise.