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Monday, January 14th, 2013 by Patrick

Snippets of creative tech – vol.1

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As an experiment this the new year I am going to send out occasional newsletters containing a handful of links I find interesting. I will likely continue to publish these here on my blog, but please do subscribe though if you’d like to receive this automatically every couple of weeks.

Thanks to Leila for her kind nudging for me to finally get around to doing this.

Census Dotmap

(a) This is a piece of Brandon Martin-Anderson’s Census Dotmap. The map is a pure coalescence of the homes of individual humans reported in the census. One person one dot, that is all you see. Even the visible swirls of the Appalachian Mountains, all people.

(b) Spaceteam is a game. A free one that runs on iOS machines. If you can imagine enjoying urgently shouting absurd instructions at friends or loved ones (while they do the same to you) then give it a try. “Toggle the synthcage!”. “I’m toggling it. Please lower your copernicus crane to four.”

Lunar Trails

(c) Lunar Trails by Seb Lee-Delisle. Seb hooked up the classic arcade game Lunar Lander to a wall-marking robot. The robot illustrates each player’s path through the game. This is the very nice result.