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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012 by Patrick

The Art of the Recently Possible

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Chris Heathcote describes himself as a designer whose medium is the recently possible. That’s a pretty exciting thing to be during our explosion of digital technology which throws out an awful lot of recently possible. See Chris’s slides and notes from a talk at the Do Lectures for insight into what this means.

This wealth of the recently possible to experiment and play with is really exciting to me. It brings the potential for doing some pretty amazing new things with interactive technology. Things that a few years ago would have been impossible without gigantic budgets and pools of PHDs working for you.

My personal fascination is where this recently possible technology juts out into the physical world. Say with a $300 remote control aerial photography drone or Arduino, an open-source electronics platform that allows people to automate their chicken coop or a create a self-playing drum.

I plan to explore some of these recently possibles and what they might mean over a series of posts here in the coming weeks.