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Monday, August 22nd, 2011 by Patrick

Eyeo Festival

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Back at the end of June I went to the Eyeo Festival in Minneapolis. It was brilliant! I’ve been trying to come up with some sort of cohesive description of my experience. No luck so far but I can’t let another month roll without at least noting the experience.

The festival featured an almost overwhelming line-up of people who I admire for doing very cool stuff. They mostly fell into two rough categories of data viz folks and (much tougher to describe) art/installation/physical computing/robotics/interactive spaces people.

The speakers were great but it was the crowd that made the event for me (there was really no distinction between speakers and crowd which was great). The space was peopled with ~400 people who really love this stuff (whatever this stuff is exactly) and were excited to talk about it. I struck up great conversations with wind data scientists, geneticists, hospital IT guys, artists, ad agency people and I’m not really the striking up conversation type. It was so easy at Eyeo though because almost without exception everyone there really wanted to be there.

That’s it really. I was there and it was great. It really helped re-excite me about the future of the kind of stuff Media Lab Toronto is experimenting with and was just a whole lot of fun.

Some random notes over here.