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Saturday, February 27th, 2010 by Patrick

TEDxWaterloo Twitter Wall

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Twitter Wall at TEDxWaterloo

I was lucky enough to be invited to create a Twitter Wall for the TEDxWaterloo conference. This seemed like a great opportunity to create something brand new. Particularly a wall that respected the quantity and volume of the Twitter activity that hapens around a conference of this sort.

I came up with an (as yet unnamed) Twitter Wall based on the metaphor of speech bubbles. The system automatically picked up every Tweet mentioning TEDxWaterloo on the day of the event, about 1,000 of them. Each was turned into a graphical speech bubble and scrolled onto the screen. This provided an easy way for attendees, Twitter users or not, to get a sense of the active conversation that took place around the event.

update: check out the video on Vimeo.


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