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Who are we and why do this?

MLT is a collaboration between Patrick Dinnen [Chief Creative Technologist and Bottle Washer] who does this full time, and such interesting folks as David McCallum, Michael Pereira and Gabe Sawhney.

Why? Because there are mountains of possibility for new, novel, valuable things to build. Because building this stuff is fun. Because what we do doesn't really have a name yet, so we get to help define a new thing.

So what do we build exactly?

That's a tough one to nail down. There are a few common threads though:

Yeah, but what do we actually build?

Well we don't do stuff that leaves earth's orbit (the insurance is too costly) or anything that kills kittens. But, even excluding those, their is still a vast field of options. What we build for any given opportunity depends on a range of factors: who are the audience, what are the client goals, what's the budget, where will the thing live and for how long...

We love to get to know each client and really get to the bottom of their constraints. Blue sky and blank page are all very well. But the real work we love comes from filtering what we know through what you need and coming up with something great we can build together.

OK, enough fuzzy possibility space. What we can tell you about is stuff we've built already, to help give an idea of what's possible: