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Media Lab Toronto works at the overlap of media, design, art and technology. We create interactive experiences using cool technologies in interesting ways to engage audiences. We can do this for parties, product launches, retail, advertising...

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Eyeo 2013 pt II ? Genius edition

The brilliant speakers at Eyeo Festival 2013 closing   This second post on my Eyeo impressions is likely to be even more scattered and fragmentary than the first, but here it is.   Amit Pitaru detoured from his planned (and already great) talk to discuss the difficulty, real and perceived, of learning to code in these days of […]

Observations on Eyeo and the psyche of a creative technologist

Amit Pitaru talking about Sonic Wire Sculptor I’m lucky to be in Minneapolis right now for the brilliant Eyeo Festival full of great art/tech/data vis people. I was here in 2011 for the first Eyeo and that experience set my expectations way high for this year’s festival. So far I am not disappointed. The insight, enthusiasm and […]